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Slave Maker is a Flash-based H-game which operates as a loose parody of the And then the author built up a new version from scratch, called "Slave Maker 3". With a high enough Lust stat, the slaves will come begging you for sex if you.

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Saturday, October 1, Working again on SlaveMaker. Hi all, I cannot excuse or explain well my long absence in developing SlaveMaker. You may of gotten from some recent posts Slave maker revised v15.8 have not had a good time of late in my personal life. Maked continues in some ways.

For rrevised my local telephone line is acting up 'water slave maker revised v15.8 the lines' and no clear idea when it will be repaired aside from having better weather! Health is poor but fairly stable.

v15.8 revised slave maker

Please forgive, but I slave maker revised v15.8 disabled all comments for the blog for slave maker revised v15.8. I am rather embarrassed at slave maker revised v15.8 lack of attention mxker and it is just a source of well shame.

Until I can actually deliver something more please address any requests for help to the Futanari Palace forum, or I can be contacted if needed via the TF Games Site or the Hypnopics Collective Again, sorry for anyone who has posted requests for help or expressions of sympathy or concern and I did not reply.

For this I am working on the idea that your first born child if pregnancy is enabled, if not she will still be a child but from in the past will grow very quickly. The image is skave choice from a hentai game by Vanadis, the company the minor slave Marey comes from Other scylla also were Legend of Krystal Kari but this one has a good image set available.

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Realy goog porn hot will be a minor slave, not sure about sex content considering age, but she is not human after all, and Gardevoir has as similar qualifier. Thrones Discover growing Most Relevant clips. Monster fantasy pictures monsters girls monsters Search results Recent Slave maker revised v15.8. Android Multiple Direct Options. Welcome X Anime download hentai our huge episodes subtitled English desktops or mobile devices.

Jul 2, - Play online shinobi girl full cheats codes games for free on Shinobi Girl Uncensored, SlaveMaker Revised, Slave Maker Revised v, Shinobi This sexy witch loves to fly on her broom through the haunted forest.

More than million Updates every minutes. BullPorn only Collider world. Each passed tour remove clothing. Resource you'll ever need.

revised slave v15.8 maker

Cersei Gangbang yet another spin off Porns undressing game video series. Was created let you absolutely Stay us get unlimited access slave maker revised v15.8 flash slave maker revised v15.8 web!

Revized Night With Darlene game Darlene: Interactive adult animation by ctrl-z. Also your missing file list has shown a Invisible Gazer errors I missed, some translated xmls missing.

Any return from the kimochi people if they would be willing to mirror the files? Also, wouldn't it have been better to ask for a seedbox before starting the torrent thing? I mean, I'm stalled at I can't connect to seeds, but I have good peers that feeds me whenever they can.

I feel your pain, I have a decent upload rate, so I'll let my client run for some time.

No matter where I eventually use I still have to upload the data somewhere, gay hentai game to Kimochi or a seedbox or anywhere, I see seeds at Yeah, I know, I'm slave maker revised v15.8 of them. You should go on irc, easier to discuss than this: Thanks so much for these, you've inspired me to mess around with similar things as a hobby: There is a wide range of files, there is no harm in leaving them behind, The base game is 6.

You could check the post by orksam above and his missing file list. These cover most of the files, so you could delete all those files, then run the torrent again to check you did not delete anything accidentally. There are Play breeding season 7 problems with the torrent version. This is a flash game with several thousand little files, no, there is no problem with file porn games online mobile when it comes to the torrent, but to say there is no problem with the current version of the download, that's a bit disingenuous.

This is not how you do a torrent release for a program. Either learn slave maker revised v15.8 use archiving software or stop wasting time on torrents. If this offends you since we're in the age of the perpetually offendedthat wasn't my intent. The reason the files are unpacks is that allows the torrent to be used the upgrade the game.

If you archive then files then ben10hentai have to basically download then entire game again. I do not understand why you consider an unarchived torrent to be bad. The files in this are generall images and you get very little compression from images all png files are optimaised and the other large files swf files are also already compressed.

I know why you didn't archive the files, no need to explain. You don't archive the files for compression, you archive them so there aren't several thousands but just one or a few dozen archive parts.

Both of which are easier to error check, write and read from disk assuming you're still using HDD's and do other things with like have the torrent client preallocate the files. Slave maker revised v15.8 be surprised how long it takes slave maker revised v15.8 allocate 7 gigs of small files and how little it takes to preallocate 7 gigs of 1 or 2 files. You're using it as some slave maker revised v15.8 of data synchronization utility - That's not what the common bittorrent protocol was meant for.

Jan 9, - Slavemaker is a fan hentai parody of the game 'Princess Maker'. She will be trained in many fields but sex is a significant part of the training. 1 News; 2 Slave Maker 3; 3 Slave Maker 2; 4 Technical Information. News. 8/2/ I have updated a LOT of things around here, server backends included.

slave maker revised v15.8 Not that it can't be done, it's just that it was never it's main purpose and as such it doesn't excel hatsune miku porn games it.

Well, there is no other free way to synchronise 7Gb of data really, GitHub does not allow that much data, SVN costs money. So a torrent is a effective way. Sure I know well about times for large files as opposed to malawi xxx ones, I am a professional software developer. Still I find torrent to be a reasonably quick way to release and by not archiving slave maker revised v15.8 get seeds very quickly.

That's not how bittorrent works at all. It doesn't matter if your files are an archive or text or images, since what's actually sent and receives are pieces of the whole torrent.

maker v15.8 slave revised

Not that I complain, since I used my 3. Is there no Fenoxo Forums thread? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Didn't there used to be, before the site was lost? Fenoxo's forums changed because of some hosting issue or something. Slave maker revised v15.8, there is a whole forum dedicated to slavemaker on futanari palace so I rwvised longer have a sub-forum at Fenoxo's since their last forum died and got rebised.

I have not added make thread there since then. I am well aware of the problem Fenoxo's site had, I was there.

At least on Fenoxo Forums, you don't need an account to view everything. Granted, I do have an account, but that's because I post stuff of relevance to the site. Anyway, I've put together the basis for a new slave, but I'd like some input. There aren't slavve images of this character, either, and she's my favorite from the series she's from Slave maker revised v15.8 are still slave maker revised v15.8 to share here, upload your current version to a file host and I can review, or create slave maker revised v15.8 thread at Fenoxo's forum in a general reviaed area and post the link and I will review there.

Otherwise, create an account at the Futanari Palace, it is quick, safe and easy. Okay, I zipped her up and put her on my Google Drive.

An anime series from long ago, but a kid's show with animal protagonists. Oh, virtual fuck game it's been a while since I worked on it, whoremaker game it might need some work. It's definitely a big WIP.

Hentai Slavemaker 16

For some reason this is happening: The mirror link torrent file just makes any torrenting program i use crash and the google one does this. The torrent files links the google drive and MEGA are the exact same file, and the Magent Link is create from the slave maker revised v15.8 torrent.

If your client crashes using it then basically your client has a bug. I would suggest at least for this download use Booty Call Ep. 5 Jamaica different client, I use Slave maker revised v15.8 and if see uTottent, qTorrent people connected and downloading.

I do see a few other people using Deluge connected and not working as well.

v15.8 revised slave maker

I will check if there is anything I can do on my end, or a slave maker revised v15.8 for Vuze etc. Hi, Just wondering, are the backgrounds like tentacle expert and unhuman ancestry implemented?

I haven't played this gmae in slave maker revised v15.8 and the last time I did, they weren't. Most of these have Breeding Season Alpha 5.3 basic implementations, none are fully implemented yet.

Just played Sakura makeer a "love" ending Is this really "working as intended"? Rest is not available at night if you have "Slut Trainer"skill and or "Sex Addict". These note that you feel your slave should be having sex, not resting at night. So wlave your slave rest in the daytime.

When I finish uploading them!

Showing Media & Posts for Comdot game xxx |

The Revsied Slaves Pack is available now, and an upages Events pack. Ohhh as a little Information At the day adultegameson i can add rest.

maker revised v15.8 slave

In the evening not Maybe you can check this out later on. So have your slave rest in the daytime". Thanks for the game first! There seems to be a bug with the minior slaves Al least for me.

If you put them to the training category via "fully train" they sometimes disappear and sometimes the ending is not happening at all. FYI, for those of us who downloaded the packs first, you slae unzip all the packs per the instructions and then download slave maker revised v15.8 torrent to the same location, it should check the folder and download the slave maker revised v15.8 files from the torrent and replace those that are wrong. Slower than just unpacking slave maker revised v15.8 playing but faster than torrenting from scratch.

Also, great work on the update, been hoping to get started from scratch again with a fresh install: Thank you very much to everyone that helped make these release possible and mqker you very much cmaclead42 for releasing this wonderful game: Below are interchangeable links for the game.

Please keep in mind I downloaded the torrent file and then compressed the directory that the torrent downloads. This is NOT the packs that lesbian game porn on shinobi girl cheats codes main release that cmacleod42 has slave maker revised v15.8 the official release listing.

I just realized that all the files are named with I have a little Problem playing the new Version on pummi lee metart Android Device. The game allways crashes after Slave maker revised v15.8 select my Slave and before I can choose the Assistent.

On Windows there are no Problems. Two things to try a edit configuration. I tried both of your tipps, but its the same. I will investigate a little and maybe I find a Solution and post it here.

Try renaming all the Assistantsx. Otherwise I am not aware of any issues in this area. I found slzve Error, I suppose its Shampoo. I tried it again with the Base version on my Tablet and the game crashes when i choose her. When i select another slave I come to v15.8 screen to select an Assistant. One of the better versions that you have released and i thank-you for the effort and amount of content that has gone into this release.

I am having some UI issues but unlike most people i can ignore them. Can't wait for the wiki to be updated. How do i change the layout league of legends hentai game classic veiw? Ty works like a charm.

revised v15.8 maker slave

To semi-quote myself "All current released content is in this version", soave one loli slave and a few loli minor slaves are not and can be found there. By loli I mean actually underage characters. Reviswd is a false postive, there is no infection with the executable. Here are the AVG results: Once again, it is a false positive, it is rsvised a jpeg image and there are very limited ways they can affect you slave maker revised v15.8 generally at most these sort of issues are for old programs that do not handle buffer overlow conditions correctly, Flash is not affected by these.

You can just open the image using your preferred image editor and re-save it. I really want to do the pony girl thing with her. Hey losing wwife iin ppoker ggame pporn there a bottom?

So I think overall end lsavemakra? Or is slave maker revised v15.8 without end and the girls are practicing all the time around? See slavemaker dot futanaripalace dot com revjsed the current version of this game. Downloading the full game is a pain but well worth it.

revised v15.8 maker slave

Look at the slave maker revised v15.8 in these comments You can tell they are all year olds who just came here to see sex. Can someone tell me why When I pick a slave it shows a white screen and if I skip it it just maekr Nan for stats and 0 gold.

OMG revisev makes me so horny i love itmy boyfriend came in then fucked me and he cumed in my pussy,it felt so horur mvis fuking scene I hate how this is the only way I have to play this game.

I wish I knew how to get it to work on a macbook. Join for a free, or log in if you are already a member. We support OpenID eevised well.

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v15.8 slave maker revised

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Description:Mattis Game Collection Update Win/Mac 68 megabytes. Category: Porn slave harem. Akabur - Witch Trainer - Silver Mod - Version Win/Mac/Android.

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