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Boards Metal Gear Solid V: To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. Or sign in with a social account: Jef Rouner September 7, 6: If samus aran naked anked this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. No Thanks Sign Up. And that was all we needed to know. So the revelation, at the end of Metroidthat under the suit was a human naoed — and a womanat that?

I never got a chance to experience the raw surprise for myself, but from all accounts, it was quite a shock. Male players may have felt a bit naed, but for female players, this was one of the first times they had ever seen a player character — pixelated and scanlined samus aran naked hidden in a secret ending though she might have been — who samus aran naked like them.

Samus — before and after we knew she was female — controlled the same as any other player avatar. She ran, she jumped, she fought. Samus aran naked defeated the bad guys and saved the day. Samus has been going through some rough times lately.

The bile has subsided somewhat, but you can still see the scars of the great tumult all over the internet: Other M was immediately condemned upon release by a large and very vocal contingent of fans, not to mention critics. Samus aran naked much of the criticism was focused on things like gameplay or presentation or writing, the strongest outrage was over the way Samus was portrayed.

Other M was samus aran naked first game in virtual girlfriend porn game series to put an emphasis on story, the first to sammus samus aran naked cutscenes nearly two hours worthand the first to delve into who Samus was as a person.

In all other instances, she had always seemed to keep her emotions in check, always seemed to be strong and self-sufficient. She had proven herself a woman who was in control — both of herself and of the bizarre samus aran naked precarious events that surrounded her. Other Min contrast, showed hentai game blowjob cowed into submission by a male authority figure who was, if not outright abusive, at least cruel and incompetent.

And it tried to tell us that the Samus we had long known to be an ass-kicking bounty hunter was in fact a slave to her emotions. Five years is an eternity in videogame time. Why talk about it now? Well, because the treatment of Samus Aran is important, and not just for the Metroid series or for Nintendo.

Both the developers and players have too often neglected to look back, to recognize the mistakes that were made, and to learn from them. I hope arab can go down in history as the time we finally got it right.

aran naked samus

A large and vocal contingent of Samus aran naked fans will tell you that Other M ruined the otherwise flawless Metroid franchise. Other M was only the last in a long line of games that have weakened and sexualized the character of Samus Aran. My intent here is to trace the course of that decline — from its humble, innocent samus aran naked in the original Metroid to its offensive, irresponsible conclusion in Other M.

They had designed the game up to this point with the intention of the hero samus aran naked being a genderless android. But what if it was only a suit — and underneath samus aran naked metal exoskeleton, the hero was a woman?

Samus aran naked would have massive implications for samus aran naked series, and for videogames, but in the scope of this one game, it had almost none. The devs, I imagine, just thought of it as a cool, surprising reveal, and if that was the case, what if it was even more exclusive than just beating the game? What if you only got the reveal if you proved you were really good at it? It would be an awesome legend of zelda hentai games of honor and it would spread word of the game at the same time.

To make sure you could tell it was a woman despite the low resolution and limited palette, they threw in all the gender signifiers they could manage. This time it was for completion in under one hour, and this time Samus was in a samus aran naked. Sure, it was probably just the artist getting a chance to enjoy himself by drawing a sexy girl instead samus aran naked weird space monsters for once. Samus aran naked sure, male players liked it. No one was hurt, right? But think about the message being sent: She was commodified — a thing you were treated to as trophy.

What if Samus had been male? But because Samus was femaleit was the obvious choice. You can easily trace this trend through the rest of the series, too. The Return of Samus and Super Metroid in three hours or less? Looking sexy and submissive. But this is all well before the introduction of the infamous, skin-tight Zero Suit. Zero Missionthe remake of the original game. Nevermind the practicality porn game free it.

Is it samus aran naked to wear your underwear under the power suit? Is it easy to move and bend and stretch in a skin-tight jumpsuit? So the brilliant tactical tradeoff of Samus being awkward and unsteady on her feet in favor samus aran naked making her ass look great?

Gender signifiers — I get it. What boggles my mind is that rather than seeing a samus aran naked sexualized portrayal of Samus over time, as feminism and progressive ideas become more mainstream, the exact samus aran naked happens. Does she get a call from the Galactic Federation and then just put them on hold for two hours while she does her hair and makeup? Who is it supposed to impress, anyway? The more important question is: Male heroes often spend samus aran naked time sweaty, dirty, and bloody.

Look at the the Arkham games, where Batman gets steadily more beat up and one piece hentai game, his suit gets ripped, and his cape torn to shreds. Nintendo, on the other hand, refuses rape flash game ever make Samus Renamon cum fill ass look anything but perfect. This is not okay. Samus Aran has become the Barbie of videogames.

Now look at Other M. Somehow, Samus has lost at least a foot of her height and all her muscle. Over two or three decades, Samus has been changed to fit an ideal.

Hilariously, the developers had considered making her naked for these sequences, but decided it would be too titillating and would probably be censored. The team that made its name by reinventing Samus may have to do it once again, and Retro certainly seems to have a better handle on the character than its parent company does. Let us know what you think of the sexualisation of Samus throughout the character's history in the poll and comments below.

Ohmygawd, she looks fine!!! Is anyone seriously offended by this?! There's games that over-sexualize women wayyy worse than this!!!

naked samus aran

The female form is "ridiculous" to politically correct and feminized men. Oh my God, I seriously can't believe people are actually offended by that. People really need to get out of their computers and have a breath of fresh air in samus aran naked faces in order to see that there's nothing wrong with a different clothing for her.

It's not like people will lose the respect for the image of Samus and the Metroid saga just because she is wearing shorts and a tank top. Stop overreacting, for love's sake! Samus aran naked i don't even care and i don't even use samus or zero suit in smash. But is she sexualised?

Hmm maybe but she was especially in brawl,but who gay anime porn games Almost every women in games get sexualised somehow. This isn't news, this isn't even an article worth reading. I feel disgusting for even commenting on it. If a character exists, its sexualized by someone, this is such an rick and morty summer hentai concept it makes my head hurt.

Online discussions on sexuality, feminism and the depiction of women in video games porn bubble shooter game android free download like discussions on politics or religion: Skimpy outfits like this are totally unnecessary and I'm disappointed about this.

Then again, I'm Shifumi with Nadine getting Smash bros. I don't have a problem with it! Why is this a "Talking Point" for? I don't see anything wrong with it. All it shows is her in shorts at least she not showing any breast. It looks fine too me. I think Nintendo did good on this one I'm sorry, but, firstly she's supposed to be well toned and athletic in build. She's a bounty hunter.

She's constantly running, samus aran naked and shooting the poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople out of bad guys and yet, there are women who samus aran naked her to be out of shape and dumpy?

Has anyone taken samus aran naked look at how men are portrayed in film and games? It's rare that you get "average-Joe-with-a-beer-belly" as an action hero.

The "Nude Samus Aran" legend is an urban legend revolving around the action-adventure game Metroid. At the end of the game, it is revealed that the.

That's a screwed perception of the ideal male. Metroid is my favorite series ever, but the sexual element has samus aran naked bothered me. I know it's been there since the beginning, but I wish samus aran naked would decrease rather than increase. I naekd Samus as a kick-butt action hero, not as a bikini pin-up. How is this skimpy?

Do you see any butt or breast showing. Cause if you do then I understand. On why you're mad. But its samus aran naked skimpy. If girls get to see main male protagonists be strong yet have their samus aran naked practically being squeezed by their clothes, I think this is just as acceptable.

It goes both ways, remember that. Males are also sexualized in media and no one has a problem with that, so I uncensored hentai game this rather fair. It's not like it hinders her strong personality anyway. The wamus isnt that she is over sexualized but that she is sexualized at all. She appears to be a powerful and independent woman not one to care about what anyone else thinks.

Therefore, logically should should be wearing her strongest and most protective outfit when fighting. Samus' little personality in the first games actually say a lot about her character and i just think this sexualization is just bothersome.

I've never bought a game because the characters were "hot". Nor do Samus aran naked care what a character looks like or is dressed up in. To me it's all stupid nonsense that causes people to talk about the game and gets someone to buy it just for the sake of seeing samus aran naked female parts.

But then samus aran naked, people will samus aran naked find a way to complain about something in the gaming sa,us Because even in these outfits, she's still pretty much kicking up everyone's donkeys. These clothes are fine. They work for the character. She is supposed to be samus aran naked and these clothes just go along with that. The idea that she would wear anything else when inside the Varia suit is absurd. What would else she wear, a turtle neck? A character is judged to be a strong characters by their Rondo - School Hentai Animation and the characterizations that are developed by their actions and thought.

Clothes don't and shouldn't affect that nor change it. The fact that Samus is in heels or a form fitting costume doesn't change those. First off,What heavy makeup? I don't see any in free porn games iphone screen shots.

No noticeable eyeshadow,and a simple nude looking lip,the dark lashes could be mascara but could just be naturally thick. It does look a bit like there could be some eyeliner but that could also just be the swmus. Also so what if she wears a little makeup? A nakee can't like to feel pretty just because she seems all tough? That kind of "feminist" crap of telling woman they should feel bad about themselves for samus aran naked things they like is just as damaging as anything actively anti-female.

Second, The two piece outfit is far less sexual to me. You can walk in any gym and see woman in the same outfit. I've never seen someone jogging down the street in a skin tight catsuit. Falchion The thing is, a strong independent woman could be sexualized, in fact, that could pretty much just show how confident she is in all she does, not to mention any guys that try to get with her are going to be turned down and kicked in the face.

Not to mention, a big and bulky suit of armor could perhaps be less protective than a fabric that absorbs blows but doesn't get torn up by them. Metal getting samus aran naked inward from a bullet or puncture of some kind can't be samus aran naked that good. People abound in these sorts of threads, loudly asserting that they are right and throwing around terms like nakex correct", "white knights", " what's the big deal" and so on. I don't want more sexualisation in video games.

I want more inclusiveness and less sexism and hostility to women in gaming, from the nwked to the journalists to the developers. It saddens me Nintendo are going down this path with one of earth chan henti most beloved characters, the fan service endings of many past Metroid games notwithstanding.

This sort of thing doesn't help anyone. Top adult sex games read around the internet that samys around the world are trying to un-sexualise the image of the naked female body.

They are trying to make men understand that the female breast is not just a sex toy, it's part of their own body and that men samus aran naked respect that. They are even trying to push laws ahead in order to be able to show their boobies sorry, but it's the best word for them whenever they want.

naked samus aran

And now this, complaining about a damned tank top and shorts, symply known arxn "gym outfit"? I'm no where near a Social Justice Warrior, especially with the latest in the string of "sexism in video games" articles going around the internet http: But in this one case with Nintendo I do feel Samus aran naked has been slutted out with that costume. Zero suit was silly but I get it This lois griffin sim is ridiculous.

Whether we admit it or not, its part of what makes games attractive and appealing. America is too sensitive as it is. Samus aran naked this kind of talk just makes some people uncomfortable with the human body, thus conditioning society to be too conservative.

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What do you tell your kids naksd the beach when they see a woman or man wearing almost nothing? If samus aran naked teach your kids to respect the human samus aran naked, male or female, then we shouldn't worry about something as trivial as Samus in a sports bra.

I think people are overreacting a bit. I agree that this outfit is too sexualized for a Nintendo game, but it could have been worse and it's not something to freak out over when there's games samuw Dead or Samus aran naked and Mortal Kombat.

Outside the first game, I don't really see how she's sexualized, its liara cumdumpster 2 signifigant. I mean a lady can wear whatever she wants to right?

Arah naturally different people would have a different aean for the character and how they would want to portray her. No, no they samus aran naked. There was a glitch that allowed same sex. They put in the work and effort to patch it out. And I'm a proud American and Nintendo supporter because of that. Don't pretend the entire west shares your view. And pretending that this is a similar "disconnect" just shows how out of touch politically correct people really are.

Adam never approved this sexualization. You forgot originally Super Metroid Naksd was nude in the game over screen before changed in the final release, which is actually kept in a fan nsked game i believe was called Metroid Evolution.

And in Smash 64 reveals a suitless outline of samus aran naked no clothing. I'm glad you put this up but feminism is gaming is a topic gamers laugh at rather than taken seriously. Because we see females like that samus aran naked real life that's just fine. So characters like Zelda and Peach are fine with people to smaus. Well the human body is a beautiful thing.

Maybe the people who complain about videogames being sexualized have no sex in their lives. Usually porn games android sisterly lust people are insecure themselves.

I xran a problem with the damsel in distress stereotype, but not butt kicking Sammus. BlatantlyHeroic I agree samus aran naked it appears that samus is acting illogically. I mean wouldnt a varia suit be better suited for battle than a bikini? What are the "Big Three" Nintendo swmus and how is Metroid one of them? If you want to talk about a "Big Six", however, I'm fine with Metroid being included. It definitely sexualizes her, and people might get offended. Samus aran naked not one of them, though, especially because she's still presented as a powerful character rather than a damsel in distress.

I personally feel nude babysitters if samuw want YOUR samus aran naked to be sexualized, sexualize them.

If YOU don't, then don't. You want a game with strong female protagonists, then go samuw and make one! It's not like Sentoburisu School 2 stopping you intentionally. It's just a choice. It's just like in real life, some males and females prefer to be sexualized, some prefer to sexy animated games modest.

The problem here is that both groups push their views on other people who disagree. Just let people be who they want to be. About the Fusion Suit being forgotten in later games: Fusion is the last in the timeline. Falchion I'll agree with you there. I think a girl designed the work-out suit she's wearing. Maybe I read the Facebook samus aran naked wrong. Either way, this isn't limited to guys, it's pretty much both genders on both sides of this argument.

aran naked samus

Lost in all of this 3d porni best is the fact that the character skin causing the ruckus was created because of the determination of a female developer. That's correct, female and not male. There is fan service there, but no more than most armor suits for female characters in any RPG ever made. It is also a throwback to the original game and is little more samus aran naked a sports bra and short shorts. I see this all summer long as women go running around town and no one complains about them being oversexualized by Samus aran naked.

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Her design in the NES game was a result of its limited graphical power - there wasn't much of a different way to truly show she's a woman. The GB game followed that design choice, but made Samus look more civil huge boobs game giving her common sleep underwear.

With Super Metroidher muscular body was outlined at the end to show that she samus aran naked some kind of lucky heroine which somehow managed to survive: But the problem was that a strong and muscular samus aran naked wasn't taken seriously as a woman. Cue Metroid Fusionwhich not only gave Samus a new suit that looked much less bulky, but also showed off a more athletic Zero Suit, which combined feminne build with strength smaus design.

Additionally, Samus got a much nicer facial design to make her look less aggressive, hentai sex games also not any less determined.

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Metroid Primeon the other hand, underlined Samus sheer genius in terms of biology and evolution, which are fields she studied for some time. All data you read when scanning creatures is what Samus writes about them by analyzing the body, skeletal build, and behaviour technically, you're hardbodies game to scan them after learning the patterns. This Zero Suit is largely designed around Samus' attractiveness to anal fucking games her more appealing to the audience, which is pretty much the description of fanservice as well.

But Nintendo didn't throw out her strength samus aran naked that though Other M really tarnished the picture, no discussion. That's something very unique among heroines. Most other female characters simply get saved at some point, and more often than not by men. But Samus makes it through her ordeals all by herself, simply because nobody is strong enough to truly save her.

Yet samus aran naked always fights samus aran naked. No matter how hot she looks, Samus will always be one of the universally strongest characters Nintendo ever created - no other character had to go through hell so many times just to do samus aran naked again.

Samus aran nude pics

If you are going to do it then might as well take it to the max. Original Tomb Raider - Lara Croft for example. Honestly, what samus aran naked the samus aran naked deal? Samus is from a series that is aimed at older audiences, she's clearly a young athletic woman, and her appearance is likely in line with not only other female video game characters, but other women her own age.

What do people zone kill la kill Samus to wear a long dress when she's not in the Power Suit? Look at Fire Samus aran naked, some game breeding season the female characters are dressed sams short skirts and armor.

It's not like Nintendo is sitting there samus aran naked alt Samus Costumes where she's wearing maid outfits or a bunny suit. This Pop Quiz Hentai not Dead or Alive, but hell, even Sams or Alive 5 kinda tones down the focus on female sexuality. Mila's costumes are what you would expect samus aran naked female Ara fighter to nake. And what Samus wears is what you would expect a young woman who is a bounty hunter to wear. Power Armor for her missions, a Zero Suit that she wears under the power armor that serves as a backup, and casual clothes when she's not on a mission.

One other thing to point out for the Zero Suit is that its not uncommon for characters to wear a body suit under power armor.

So, why is the Zero Smaus a problem? Why is any of this an issue?


Because Samus is a Nintendo character? It's not like Nintendo is playing up the fan service.

aran naked samus

virtualdategames Honestly, this is getting pathetic. We target Chun-li because samus aran naked shows some legs? Lyn also shows some legs, so Nintendo's sexualing her? It's a character from a series that is aimed at older gamers and is a young woman. The only reason people even make a samus aran naked about this is because its in a game made by Nintendo. If Namco, Sega, Capcom or another third-party developer were behind SamusI bet nobody would even blink an eye.

I feel like every Metroid fan knows well about that story. I talk about sexualization a lot with friends teen hentai games feminists or nked - but, nowadays, discussions like that need to take into account the culture differences.

naked samus aran

If using make up is considered that, samus aran naked a man having a great beard is as well? I mean, they're just characteristics that emphasize one's gender, the cartoon and game's design needs it here and there.

We all know that the past was fully of social patterns and stuff, but today the world is not a grim place on that regard, we samus aran naked need to treat it this way. Women, men and sams people like to sexualize and, more importantly, to be sexualised. Is not a brothel simulator, at all. Even her heels is something that certainly was praised by almost arah in Samus aran naked, and I don't think that this make Nippon a bad place.

Just different points of view. Or do you guys think that Sakurai and his staff wanted to make people mad? My take is that the changes made exist to increase appeal nakwd a specific target demographic.

That doesn't mean they are deeply considered, moral choices - they almost certainly aren't - but it's very hard for me to argue that Nintendo has done anything samus aran naked damage the image of the samus aran naked. I see Shire noticed this as well. Samus design is just too much for a strong bounty hunter like herself.

I would call it "realistic" or "adaptive" rather than sexualized. If other games from other companies present girl characters this way, then there is no problem. The game will probably be rated T anyway, and that's the age where this becomes normal. Also, it's normal for girls to do athletic activity wearing a sports bra and short shorts. Nothing sexual intended, from my point free no membership sexyames view.

Prime and Brawl are more realistic than this. Like Tomb Raider. This is samus aran naked actually annoys me about this issue: To me it shows a shift where Samus isn't just a physically fit woman lois griffin hentai a skin tight suit to focusing specifically on the sexualized nature of her.

Ask the various super female cosplayers how impractical high heels are for practically anything. Samus aran metroid Hentai. Some futa action Hazardini September lesbian, teen, bdsm, gay.

aran naked samus

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Character science fiction action-adventure series Nintendo.

Description:Samus Aran is the lead character from the Nintendo Metroid franchise. She has been a popular Nintendo hero, appearing in Nintendo spinoff games such as.

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